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  • Are you a weak man? Do you just lay back and let the little girls give it to you? Join your fellow peers at Shesboss. This site features women that know what they want - to control a man by smothering him with their dirty pussies and asses. These girls show no remorse as they wrestle grown men to the ground and choke them out with their nether regions. Many times multiple women gang up on the man and really give him a run for his money. Do you want to be controlled by sexy women and their pussies? Don't hesitate to join and see all the hot domineering action for yourself. This site has everything you need to get off if this is the niche you're interested in. You may never have to join another smothering site again. These women will gladly gang up on you and choke you out with their skanky pussies and dirty asses. They won't take no for an answer.

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